Is It Time To Paint Your Exterior?

A dirty and dingy house exterior can lead to a bad reputation among your neighbors and friends. Sometimes it is obvious when you should repaint your home — but other times it may not be so clear. Maintaining your home’s exterior appearance can go a long way toward protecting your biggest investment.

When Should You Paint Your Home?

Homeowners should paint their home when they can see any visible signs of chipping or peeling paint on the ground; this means it’s time to call in an expert. But what about the other times?

A freshly painted home can add value to your home. While many home improvements fail to increase the sales price of a house, sellers who repaint the outside of their homes tend to make 141% of their investment back when it’s sold. Real estate professionals suggest owners use a simple palette and to avoid bold colors which may be off-putting for some buyers.

Whatever you do, try not to allow too much time pass between paint jobs, even if you are not overly concerned about how your home looks.

A fresh coat of paint not only makes your home look better, but it is a vital part of protecting wooden siding against dampness, mold and rot. The longer uncovered wood is exposed to the elements, the higher the chance your siding will need replacing before repainting.

A good rule of thumb for repainting your house is to do it once every six years to help prevent any issues. Homeowners who keep to a pre-planned schedule for painting can help reduce costs by limiting the amount of repair and prep work the job requires. An additional benefit of planning in advance means you can hire the painters you want, even during the ideal painting season when temperatures are dry and mild.

Remember, you should repaint your home:

  • At least every six years.
  • When you see visible signs of peeling.
  • Before selling your home
  • When your siding is exposed.

How Long Will My Paint Job Last?

There are many factors, including the quality of your paint and the type of siding on your home, which can impact the durability of the paint. The most important one of these factors is the experience of your painters.

Professionals who have the knowledge to repair or replace rotten or worn out siding, prepare your house’s exterior surface for painting and correctly apply a proper primer coat can add years of life to your paint job.

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