Interior Painting Richmond




 Interior Painting Richmond




by Richard Graham | Mar 2, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments




Interior painting in Richmond is one of the best ways to update your home.  If you are selling it is one of the best ways to increase offers and keep the value of your home. Interior painting is an art as there are many factors involved in the process. The painters with Lions Gate Painting have 30+ years experience in all aspects of painting and the preparation process.   




      Before any preparation is done the areas where you are working in should be protected with drop sheets and plastic to avoid dust and damage. The preparation process is the most important factor for interior painting. Lions Gate Painting has a tremendous amount of experience fixing holes, cracks and ceilings,  either popcorn/stipple or flat. Most picture holes are an easier fix but larger holes require a professional to ensure the repair is seamless. Please be aware that the sanding process creates a very fine dust. Although furniture is covered and floors there will be a need for the customer to do some cleaning after Lions Gate Painting has completed the work.




     Once color is picked it is time to paint the walls. The most common paint used is an Eggshell sheen for walls, flat for ceilings and either Semi Gloss or Satin for trim and doors. Bathrooms need to be painted with a Kitchen and Bath paint that deters water from seeping into the paint.




      There are many different paint companies and many different paint types from contractor grade to top of the line paints. The most commonly used paint is a 0 Voc product which is highly washable. Many paint companies in Richmond carry these products. For most walls 2 coats of paint are required, even if it looks to cover the previous paint. That is because the 2nd coat adds toughness and depth to the color. Transparent colors such as red, yellow, greens etc will require a primer coat first and usually 3 or 4 coats. Application of the product   may seem easy but putting on the right amount of product and overlap is essential!




Ceilings especially popcorn ceilings are usually sprayed. This is because most new homes in Richmond the stipple was applied onto either cement or unprimed drywall. Without priming the stipple does not stick correctly and if paint is applied by roller the stipple can peel off. Older homes in Richmond where the ceilings have been previously painted in most cases can be repainted either by rolling or spraying.




     Baseboards and trim are usually painted after ceilings and doors are done last so they don’t get marked up moving equipment. Lions Gate Painting provides free estimates in the Greater Vancouver Area.