How To Get Perfect Cut Lines

How to Get Perfect Cut Lines 

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get the same kind of crisp clean lines as a professional painter; especially when using two different colors on the wall. So, what’s their trick? Besides a lot of practice, Professional painters over paint the first color. Yes, by painting over the Painter’s tape with the first color, it bleeds through (and yes, there will always be some bleed through no matter which painter’s tape you choose). That way the tape can protect the second color from bleeding through and ruining your line.
Still not convinced this will work? Here’s a step-by-step approach to creating the straightest and crispiness you have ever seen:

Step One: Get the First Color on the Wall
Begin painting that two-tone wall by getting the first color on the wall, extending it past where you want the paint line to be. This gives the wall a good base color and helps avoid bleed through when you apply the second color.

Step Two: Adhere Your Tape Line
Be sure to wait until the first color dries thoroughly (this is very important), and then adhere your Painter’s tape  to the wall. Be sure that the edge marks the space where the two colors will meet on the wall.

Step Three: Create a Bleed Line
Now, this may be the most crucial step in the entire process: creating a bleed line. This is done by painting the tape line (against the tape) with the first color. This will help seal the tape and keep the second color from coming through and messing up that line. Be sure to feather the new color away from the seam line so that you don’t get too stark of a color contrast. This also gives a more natural look to the two-color scheme.

Step Four: Time for a Second Coat
Once the bleeding layer has dried; it is time to paint on your second color coat. Tip: be sure that the color goes over the edge of the paint line for a smoother final look.

Step Five: Peel Away Painter’s Tape While Wet
Your instinct may tell you to wait until the paint dries to peel away that painter’s tape – don’t fall for this rookie mistake! Paint has the habit of sealing to itself as it dries, which can make removing the tape difficult – and messy. Instead, peel away at a 90-degree angle while wet for a perfect paint line every time!

Ask for Help! Still not sure you can handle that multi-color paint job yourself? Then call in the experts from Lions Gate Painting to help.