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Painting Companies in Vancouver

Paint is one of the most popular finishing materials used for walls, ceilings, decks, doors, window frames and other components of a building. Be it a house, an apartment, a condo or a commercial space, a well-done paint job can really tie together a space. It also adds value to a property and ensures a more enjoyable living experience.

That being said, it is critically important to hire the right paint professionals to do the job. After all, you are going to invest a significant amount of money and time into it. So you want to be sure that the right pros get it done exactly to your satisfaction.

To make the job easier for you, we have brought together this comprehensive guide on painting companies in Vancouver. This guide details the important aspects of painting – costs involved, good trade practices and helpful tips on finding the right pros.

It also includes an entire section on some of the best painting companies in Vancouver area. If you are in Vancouver and looking to have the interior or exterior of your property painted, this comprehensive guide is for you.

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How to hire the right painting company?

Vancouver is home to a huge number of painting companies. You may have many of them in your immediate neighbourhood, so it can be a difficult job to determine which company to hire. At the same time, you want to make the right decision. The paint job will likely incur a sizable bill and you want to make sure your money is spent right.

To make the job easier for you, here are some telltale signs of a good painting contractor.

Preliminary Consultation: Every good painting contractor offers a preliminary consultation. During this consultation, the professionals take an in-person look at your home. You tell them about the areas to be painted and they give you suitable recommendations. This is also the time when you can ask the pros about any other questions you might have. For instance, you may ask them about the availability of eco-friendly painting materials.

Work Proposal: The work proposal is an expanded form of a price quote. In this, a painting contractor provides you the estimated costs and timeline for the job. You are also provided details about the colours to be used in the paint job as well as the insurance and warranty details of a company. The proposal is one of the most important steps when you are considering a paint job. A quality proposal also stands apart a good painting contractor from the rest.

Timely Delivery: Once you have the work proposal and accept it, a quality contractor starts the paint job at the agreed time. Workers arrive at your home, sign in on the job and paint different areas of your home. A good contractor nearly always starts the paint job at the right time and completes it within the agreed timeline.

Customer Service: For a professional contractor, customer satisfaction matters. This is why the right pros will keep you in the loop throughout the painting process, from start to finish. You will be consulted about which rooms or areas to paint first, any concerns about the paint job, details about the security of the home and so on. This ensures that you are informed about the progress of the painters and have your concerned addressed.


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Exterior Painting

Preparation is Everything!

Painting in the lower mainland is one of the best places in Canada.  This is due to the fact that we have an extended painting season. ( Apr – Oct), our climate is very temperate with low humidity and very little rain in the summer.  Your house is your biggest investment you need to take care of it!

Contracts/insurance/WCB  Do your homework!!!  Professional Painting Companies will provide you with a written contract do not go ahead without a copy of the signed contract.  Ensure company has liability insurance and up to date WCB. 


Clean, clean, clean.  The first step of painting is to ensure the surfaces are clean.  This will aid in the the paint’s adherence and add to its longevity.  A biodegradeable/natural cleaner should be used to ensure that plants and furniture are not stained.  A professional washing company will clean your house and not try to remove paint.

Scraping, Caulking, Priming and repairs are Step 2.  Any loose paint must be removed prior to painting.  Once removed all areas with exposed bare wood must be primed with an oil-based primer.  Caulking of gaps or joints in fascia boards around windows and doors is inspected and repaired if needed.  

Drop sheets/plastic to cover ground and plants.


Spray Painting is one of the most commonly used practises in the application of paint. THIS IS NOT FOR THE AMATUER! A professional knows how to select the correct pressure, overlap, paint thickness due to conditions of siding and weather.  Although this process uses 30% more paint and the preparation is longer this process is measureably quicker.

Brush/Roller is most commonly used inside in the lower mainland.  This process is quite a bit more labor intensive and is usually a quite expensive process.  It is best used on wood siding or hardy plank.  

Hybrid is spray painting with a painter following closely behind with a roller.(backrolling)  This allows the quickness of spraying and the person rolling is ensuring the paint is coverage is even.  This process should be used by more companies.  It is a still quite quicker than brushing and rolling.

Trim/Doors there are typically 3 types of paint and it is really the customers preference.  All 3 paints perform well but do remember the higher the sheen the better performance of the paint.  First is pearl/satin more like a strong eggshell shine.  Semi-Gloss this is the most commonly used as it is very tough, cleans well and resists weather.  Gloss is usually used for very high traffic area doors/trim as it is near bullet proof.

Touch Ups/Customer Review  One thing to remember houses are big so on most houses there will be a few touchups mostly from ladders doing the trim or the odd miss and these are usually done on the last day.  A professional painter is contiuously walking around the house examining it to look for touch up through out the job and are usually all spotted and noted.    Customer walk throughs are done to make sure everything was done in accordance to the job contract and to point out areas of concern to the customer.

Paint Quality  most paint suppliers have many types of paint from contractor grades to high performance grades.  My advice is to stay away from the lower quality paints.  Most good paints will last up to 20 years if prepared correctly.  

Coats do make a difference.  Most exterior paints dry and are ready to recoat in 2 to 3 hours.  This adds to the depthness of color and the longevity of the paint.  

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Interior Painting

Where the Professional Shines!

So it’s time to consider painting the interior of your home and you want to hire a professional. Here is a check list to help you to hire a reputable contractor.

Why hire a professional?   Professional painters have the experience and deftness to complete jobs quickly and to a high level of standard.

To begin research  a few painting companies in the lower mainland through friends/family or sites like Homestars.

Next contact companies and arrange a quotation that should specify the work, any concerns, paint color and sheen.

Ask about liability insurance, WCB and reviews.

Once a walk through has been performed the painting contractor will provide you with an estimate of the services to be performed.  This should include filling, sanding, type of paint, sheen and any areas of concern should be pointed out at this time.   Note a job with an excessive amount of sanding will require some dust control measures.  Ask about protecting furniture and floors.

There are many things to look for with a company.  The length of the business, the experience of the employees,  response time, how they conduct themselves, read reviews this is your home and it is the biggest investment you usually make in your lifetime.

Once a quotation has been accepted the painting company will provide a written contract with the work to be performed, paint colors and cost.  Most likely a 30 to 40 % deposit is required upon signing of contract.

Warranty and timing of job is discussed and customer will be asked to think about prioritization of rooms to be painted.

During the job a professional will keep the customer in the loop address any areas that are of concern and make suggestions.

Paint quality.  You can talk all day and compare paint suppliers but they all make many different qualities of paint from contractor grade to their top of the line grades.  These top of the line grades are mostly for high traffic situations like retail stores or daycares etc as they are extremely washable and durable.  The average house does not need this a good low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint will suffice in most cases.

Pricing has so many variables that it is impossible to provide a structure.  Recently painting companies have been talking about the levels of painting 0 – 5 with level 5 being the highest.  Level 5 is 5 star hotel penthouse quality and can take up to a week to do 1 wall, but these levels are mostly for drywall finishing as a good drywaller/mud/taper will make a painter look exceptional.  This is unreasonable for the average homeowner and level 1 is the above industry standard mostly requested by home owners.    Next are variables the holes, caulking, priming and color selection are a huge part of the pricing as well as square footage.   The next thing to consider are the ceilings, doors and trim are they in need of paint?

Completion is another process.  The painter will inspect the completed walls etc and begin the clean up process.  The last day is usually the longest day as professional painters take their time to ensure everything is done to their satisfaction. Vaccuming and some cleaning is performed but as a construction site clean only.  Customers are urged to contact a local cleaning company if they require further cleaning.

Lastly a walk through with the customer and final payment brings the job to completion.


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Drywall and Stipple Repair

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