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The beautiful City of North Vancouver is primarily a waterfront community located on north shore, right across the Burrard Inlet from Vancouver. Out of the three different municipalities in the “North Shore”, North Van is the smallest, yet has the most urban aspects. Industry plays a major part in the economy in North Van. The diversity ranges from the booming film industry to chemical plans to commercial port shipping.

Older then Vancouver itself, the Moodyville area is one of the oldest settlements located on the Inlet. In fact, as far as non-native location settlements, only New West is older in all of the region. In it’s early years, the logging industry thrived and many douglas fir trees were cut and transported to the booming ports to sail away on ships bound for a sawmill that was powered by water in the 1860s

Over time, this allowed for schools and post offices to be build and, in turn a village was formed.

Many distinct locations and areas in North Van are named after their “founding fathers” relatives, James Pemberton Fell and Arthur Heywood-Lonsdale. Their hard work and monetary investments into the area are the primary reasons that the families are memorialized in the names of local streets, parks and communities.North Vancouver Painters

Whether you are painting the inside(interior) or outside(exterior) of your North Vancouver home, mostly all home owner can benefit from a professional painting company. Hands down, professional painters get the job done properly. There are so many practical advantages for hiring a professional painter to oversee your project. Large or small, a pro has experience. Some projects may seem easy enough to do yourself, but there are many aspects that should really be left to an expert.

Having the proper tools and expertise is very important whether or not your project is a few rooms or an entire house. Your office or home desires a professional high quality paint job. The money and time you would need to invest to do a project like yours properly is almost 4 to 5 times more then hiring an expert in the first place. Hiring a pro painter, insures that the project is completed properly. Think of all the items you would have to buy and learn how to properly use: brushes, rollers, ladders, drop cloths, buckets, tape, and edgers, not to mention the right type of quality paint. There are many accessories that are essential to a quality professional looking job.

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