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Originally inhabited by the indigenous Tsawwassen people, Delta is made up of the fertile flatland and beautiful coastline and shores. It wasn’t until the 1790s that, Lieutenant Francisco de Eliza(an explorer from Spain), was wrongfully named “Isla Capeda” as he accidentally though that the area was actually an island. Technically the first settler from Europe calling Delta home was James Kennedy. His plat of about 135 is what eventually became the Annieville area in the early 1860s. Later in the decade, the Larder family(Thomas and William) began farming the area that is notably now named after them. The community then began to grow more prominently with the help of these farmers and other local fisherman over the next few decades. Just prior to 1880, the Delta area was finally incorporated with Larder village as it’s admin hub.

Isolated from most neighbouring areas, until around 1960 when the George Massey tunnel was finally completed. This linked Delta’s awkward geography with Vancouver and Richmond. Shortly there after the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal was also completed. This linked other neighbouring areas like Surrey, with the help of Highway 99 in 1962, to Vancouver Island. Delta’s isolation was over and the population skyrocketed more the 400% in the next 20+ years. In the mid 80s, the population was bolstered again by the completion of the Alex Fraser bridge spanning over the mighty Fraser River. This allowed easy access to New Westminster and Vancouver.

Delta Painters

Delta is one of the most important Grater Vancouver areas in terms of agriculture. With it’s very flat and fertile land, most of Delta’s farm land is protected under the ALR(Agricultural Land Reserve) . Notable, a 40 square kilometre natural wetland area called Burns Bog is home to important wildlife. Although the ALR prevents the growth of suburban housing, the wildlife areas are important to the surrounding ecosystem.

Many of Canada’s most popular sports are enjoyed in the Delta area, including ringette, ice hockey, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and football. There are even a few professional athletes that hail from Delta and are prominence players in the MLB, NHL and even the NFL.

Every Delta resident, whether a famous athlete or a proud hard working spectator, needs their house painted properly. Typically a do-it-yourselfer would take weeks if not MONTHS to complete their own painting project. The inside and/or outside of your home is not something that can be completed quickly unless you have years of expertise and experience. A professional painter allows you to focus on your day to day life and allows you to reap the benefits of their skill and knowledge. Lions Gate’s Painters establish deadlines for when the project is completed, this allows for efficiency and a quality job.

Sometimes, there are minor delays, due to repairs that need to be completed before a job can be finished. But in most cases, even if other repairs are being preformed at the same time, we can give you an accurate and solid time frame of when your project will be completed.

Time frames aside, one of the most important reason to hire an expert painter in Delta is because they are licensed and insured. When a painter is insured, that means that if there is anything in the painting project that goes wrong, they can make it right and fix the problem. Talk about piece of mind! That is one thing that do-it-yourself project don’t have. You make a mistake, you have to pay to correct it yourself. Most homeowners end up hiring a professional anyways after one of these mistakes. Why not save money and time right from the get go and hire a professional painter.

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